Elephant Ride

Elephant Ride Tour is a tour package that gives you the opportunity to ride an elephant with a choice of time duration that you can choose from 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Here we provide an opportunity for those who want to know more about this truly amazing animal. Elephant Ride tour in Bali offers several places to choose from namely Elephant Camp is one of the elephant parks to choose from which is located in the Carang Sari sub-district, Bakas Elephant Ride Tour in the village of bakas klungkung regency, Elephant Safari Ride Taro, Elephant Ride Tour in one of the Elephant Ride packages from Bali Zoo, Elephant Back Safari Ride Tour package located at Bali Safari and Marine Park. There are several choices of places to ride the elephant, of course with different sensations and prices.


Elephant Camp is located in the historic village of Carangsari, the birthplace of Bali’s national hero ‘Ngurah Rai’. Enjoy the thrill of riding an elephant in this village that will traverse between rice fields, forests and the Ayung River (where we also do white water rafting) past mundane beauties – natural rice fields, ancient Balinese villages, temples and local markets – on the most 

Bakas Elephant Ride is one of the elephant rides in Bakas village, Klungkung district. Which is located at the Starting Point of Bakas Levi Rafting, you can ride an elephant on a wooden chair placed on an elephant and see the surrounding scenery slowly following the elephant path guided by an elephant guide who will explain what we see along the way, Enjoy taking pictures

Elephant Safari Ride Taro is a place to enjoy elephant riding, Elephant Park is located in Taro village. Bali Elephant Safari Park internationally is not only for enjoying elephant riding but a sanctuary for this protected and endangered species. The elephant ride at Elephant Safari Ride Taro is equipped with comfortable service and guests will sit behind an experienced

Elephant ride package from Bali Zoo offers an exciting activity which is sitting on a comfortable bench seat on the back of one of the Sumatran elephants, you will be accompanied by one of our experienced elephant handlers to walk through the beautiful paths that wind through the zoo section, see at where our elephants sleep and bathe, continue through the nearby 

Elephant Back Safari Rideis one of the places where you can do elephant riding activities while walking around the park using a specially designed tram car and see the natural beauty and animals that are made similar to the African atmosphere, the guide will explain the kinds of animals that we will see, proceed to the show venue for see the tiger show proceed to the elephant

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